Join us for Adult Sunday School

In January we started a second adult Sunday School class giving people more options!

Our first Sunday School class meets from 9-9:45 a.m. in the Genesis Center. It is a video based six week course on the book the Atheists Christian. It will discuss if you are living as a Christian during the week, or are you just going to church on Sunday mornings and forgetting about God the rest of the week? This course will help people see what they could be doing during the week to get closer to God. It will discuss the books we read, tv we watch, how we spend our money, treat others and so much more!

Our other adult Sunday School class meets at 11 am on Sunday’s following worship downstairs in Fellowship Hall. In this class, you will focus on a different scripture each week and answer questions about your life based on that scripture. It will help you to dig deeper into how the Bible affects our lives today.